Export Services

Export Services

At SolvChem, we recognize and respond to the needs of the global marketplace. It is with that purpose in mind that we founded the SolvChem International (SCI) division. We have the capability to export in drums, totes, ISO tanks, 5- gallon pails or gallon cans, and send your products on specialized pallets to regions worldwide. Our team of professionals assists you with packaging, shipping documentation and regulatory compliance.

SolvChem International

SolvChem International was founded in 2009 to build upon our growth initiatives while serving the needs of the global chemical market. SCI is a leading distributor of specialty chemicals in Latin America. Through direct customer interactions via our sales professionals, and the support of dedicated partners in each country, SCI has proven to be a consistent channel partner to our customers on every order.

Why Work with SolvChem?

SolvChem is strategically located only 30 minutes from the Port of Houston, allowing us to export quickly and directly. The Port of Houston is ranked second in the U.S. and tenth in the world in terms of total tonnage. Whether you’re shipping to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa or the Far East, we are prepared to export your products efficiently and cost-effectively to your desired destination.